What are the types of permissions that I will have to obtain from the council?
There are normally two types of permissions that you will have to obtain. The first is Planning and the second is building control. The planning department of the council will study the size and look of the development and, taking into account the neighbouring properties and other planning issues, will decide whether to approve or refuse the development.
The building control department will study the materials and method of construction, (for example, how deep the foundations are, thickness of walls, types of materials / insulation etc.).
Is planning permission required in every case?
No. Certain small extensions are exempt from planning, which means that you may only need building control approval. Our surveyor will be able to advise you of which permissions you will need.
How long does planning permission take?
Once plans are submitted into the council, planning permission can take approximately 8 weeks. The time can vary though depending upon the complexity of the development.
How long does building control permission take?
Once plans are submitted into the council, building control permission can take approximately 8 weeks.
Is planning permission guaranteed?
No, the planning officer may have comments about the development which may lead to a refusal. If this is the case, then we will endeavour to discuss these comments with the planning officer and agree upon a solution. However, our surveyor will advise you upon his initial attendance to your home if your proposal is likely to be refused and will discuss alternative designs.
What happens if planning is refused?
If planning is refused then the council will allow one free application to re-submit a different design which would lean towards an approval. We would not charge any extra fees for any redesigns.
What happens if I have a development that is refused planning permission twice?
Most extensions and loft conversion are approved. However if a development is refused twice then you have the option to appeal to a higher authority against the decision. Our Surveyor will be able to advise on this.
Do you charge for a visit to my home?
No. We only charge if you wish us to proceed with the design works. Any visits to your home and advice are free of charge.